LaGrange Estates

high net worth investor LaGrange Property

We purchased LaGrange Estate MHP in 2011 for $5.1 million. The park had several abandoned homes and the previous owner had continually raised rents well past market rates. We immediately lowered the lot rents by $50/month and began to rehab the abandoned homes. We also brought in 10 new homes. Within 2 years, we had increased the occupancy from 65% to 93%.

We sold the park in early 2014 and investors realized a total return of more than 100% of invested capital.

Pavilion Estates

high net worth investors Pavilion Property

Pavilion Estates is a 531 space MHP located in Kalamazoo, MI. We purchased the park in 2014 for just under $11 million. At the time, the occupancy was just over 60%. We immediately began repairing 20 homes that were part of the acquisition and began leasing those homes. We also brought in more than 30 new homes.  Within 4 years, we had raised the occupancy from 66% to 77%.

We sold the community in 2018 for just over $22 million with a total return of 148%, or 37%/year for investors.

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