Aspen Equity Partners has participated in structuring, distribution, and investment deals covering a broad spectrum of nationwide properties.

La Grange Estates MHP

Dec. 2011

$5.1 million purchase

$1.6 million equity raise

Kenosha Estates MHP

August 2012

$1.4 million purchase

$500,000 equity raise

Three Oaks Estates MHP

September 2013

$1.0 million purchase

$450,000 equity raise

Pavilion Estates MHP

May 2014

$11 million purchase

$3.6 million equity raise

CHR Holdings – 3 MHPs

January 2016

$3.6 million purchase

$1.3 million equity raise

Aspen Real Estate Opportunities Fund

December 2018

$7 million equity raise

Aspen Equity Funding

May 2019

$2.0 million equity raise

Direct Investment Deals

Multi-family - Apartment

Chicago area
Dallas, TX
Greenville, SC
Austin, TX


Boat-storage - Rogers, AR
Self-storage – Key West, FL

Medical Office

Development – Lafayette, CO
El Paso, TX
Dallas, TX

Oil/Gas Acquisition

Existing wells
Drilling project

Commercial Office Building

Milwaukee, WI

Retirement/Senior Living

San Diego, CA

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