Developing your wealth comes from choosing the right assets in a market that’s right for you and your investment goals as a high-end investor.

At Aspen Equity Partners, we focus solely on alternative investment markets and projects - not the stock market. We are continually evaluating investment opportunities so that when we do offer one to our investors, we have a high level of confidence in the project and the expected cash flow.

When you invest with Aspen Equity Partners, you can have confidence that our investment approach is driven by educated and responsible actions.

Buying at the Right Price

We believe that it is vitally important to the success of any deal to “buy right.” When we see investments that don’t go well, it is often because the buyer overpaid. 

Conservative Underwriting and Extensive Due Diligence

The second component of our approach is conservative underwriting and extensive due diligence. We would rather patiently let deals go if we don’t believe the numbers work. While this can be frustrating at times, we will never complete a deal simply because we have the capital to invest or because we are emotionally invested in a property. The numbers must work. 

Experienced Operators and Property Management

The third component is to work with experienced operators to manage the property and help us add value.  Sometimes these are in-house and other times we will partner with an outside firm – but always one that we know and have a high level of confidence in. 

Timely Investor Communications/Payouts

We send quarterly updates on each investment. The updates provide an overview of the prior quarter as well as upcoming improvements and expenses. We also provide the financials for the previous quarter and a statement of our cash position. We want our investors to have a good understanding of where they stand and how their investment is performing. Payouts are made quarterly via direct deposit/ACH.

Knowing When to Sell

The final component is to be willing to sell when we believe we have maximized the value in the property and the returns for our investors. Our typical hold time has been less than 5 years. 

Our disciplined approach has resulted in a track record that has always exceeded the 20% IRR threshold for our investors.

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